Drink/Free so that others may freely drink.

Christ follower.  Screw up.  Stained with grace.  Ruined by Jesus.  Drink/Free advocate.  Here I am.

Drink/Free is a challenge to give up purchasing soda or psychologically addictive (& loved!) drink of choice for a month and put that money towards helping save lives through Water.org.  During January 2011, my wife, Rachael, and I will be giving up our beloved soda of choice* to set that money we would spend for a month and donate it to Water.org.  We are going to drink water instead of soda during this period of time.

Would you consider joining us?  It doesn’t have to be soda, pop, sodie pop, or Coke–depending on what part of the country you’re from.  Maybe you drink tea or can’t get enough of Starbucks.  Or, maybe you don’t want to give up any of that beverage you crave and are willing to just donate.  We’re not picky here when it comes to saving lives.

Water.org says that $25 can save one person’s life by giving them water for life.  Clean, nourishing, life-enhancing water.  It’s so simple, anyone can do it.

I know that we’re going to be pretty embarrassed about how much we will end up donating, yet we are super stoked to make a difference in this world by simply giving up some carbonation.  Maybe some of our excitement will rub off on you and others and we can put a dent into the world’s water crisis.  Tell your kids!  Tell your wife!  And tell your husband because we are saving lives out here.

Drink/Free so that others may freely drink.

*Pibb Zero or Diet Dr. Pepper for me, Coke Zero or Diet Mountain Dew for Rachael.  If you care.


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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