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Everything’s rosie

Confession: I used to be someone who people would want to label as fundamentalist.  I still believe that there are fundamental things that are 100% true, things that all humans fundamentally know (whether they admit it or not, conciously or not, … Continue reading

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No Agua

Here’s a little post I wrote.  I hope you read it note for note.  (NOTE: these are thoughts I recorded back in August 2010 when I challenged myself to go on a water fast for 12 hours.  I felt like … Continue reading

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FRESH new start

Merry Chri—aw shoot!  It’s already 2011! Well, I guess I’ll just add to the white noise of the New Year’s resolutions chatter.  This year, I swear I will work out more.  I swear I will save more money.  I swear … Continue reading

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