GIK and World Vision

This shirt is blowing up!

If you haven’t heard, World Vision (a philanthropic organization that is a dominating force around the world in relief/development/charity circles) is getting a yacht-full of crap about giving away Super Bowl t-shirts that depict the losing team listed as the [insert year here] Super Bowl winners.  They have contracted with the NFL to receive the shirts and figure out where the most amount of need is around the globe where WV is working.  And people are in uproar (this year, for some reason) over this.  The critics basically say that it isn’t teaching a man how to fish, it’s wrapping up the fish in paper after soaking it in garlic butter then giving it to the man.  (The man has refined taste in seafood.)

Totally understand that gifts in kind like this can undermine local economies by robbing local manufacturers and laborers from creating/producing to contribute to their society.  Get that.


Don’t you think that World Vision has become the dead horse we’re beating when we should truly be taking our own consumeristic horses to market?  Why aren’t we boycotting and raising Cain about the clothing manufacturers who are the number one reason why gobs of t-shirts are being given away to people who probably couldn’t afford locally produced stuff anyway?!?!  What would we prefer to happen to the t-shirts?  Let them rot in landfills across North America?  Or ship them off to clothe the needy?

Let’s move on from crucifying World Vision and pounce on some businesses that the majority of Americans aren’t taking to task over this.  Let’s look at our own skewed standards of how to do business and start on some revisions there first.


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