A systematic theology for everyone

A systematic theology for everyone

“No big deal” seems to be the prominent systematic theology nowadays.  I hear this line of thought all the time, “I don’t think that believing __x__ is a big deal.”  Everyone seems to think that because everyone else believes that something is ok or lives a certain way, then that makes it right.  It’s one of the most common topics of discussion I have with people who are struggling with faith or trying to come to terms with what The Rabbi teaches.

But does that perspective hold water?  What about when everyone in the South seemed to think segregation was ok?  Or what about cannibals in the Pacific?  Do those examples past this test?

I bet plenty of non-natives to one of these islands would whole heartedly disagree with the cannibalistic culinary tastes—on moral grounds, to boot.  I’m aware that the two examples I use are obviously wrong—but consider that, in their contexts, they aren’t questioned by everybody.  It’s no big deal in those contexts.

Yeah, having standards that go against the grain are tough.  Totally agree.  Jesus promises that His way leads to more joy, peace, fulfillment, and relationship connection, though.  The more I think about Scripture, the less I think of it as a list of rules.  It’s not a “do this, FOR SURE don’t do this.”  It’s more of a path that leads to those benefits I listed earlier.  Real shalom sounds so good to me as a better alternative to things that might (probably/usually) lead to hardship.


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