Apocalypse now (?)

May 21st has come and is almost gone.  With only a handful of hours left, it looks like Harold Camping is going to be wrong.  How do we really treat him and his followers in the aftermath?  While I’ve cracked some jokes about the end of the world, we do need to think about how we interact with those who are so desparate to know when Jesus is coming back.

I ran across Huffington Post’s newest religion blog tonight and Paul Brandeis Raushenbush had some good things to say about how to treat folks regarding this issue.  I don’t share his view on pluralism, but he puts down some wonderful thoughts to think about with all of this.

Best line of his blog: “So, let’s extend a hand to these folks who are going to be so disappointed on May 22 and invite them to be part of the great work of this life, right here, right now.”  Preach it, dude.

Check out the blog here: http://huff.to/ix1a1x


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