3 prayers

Last spring I blogged about my coming out party.  I use a beaded chain to pray a lot.  It’s commonly referred to as a rosary, but I don’t use it to communicate with Mary or other dead, holy people.  So I call it a “beaded prayer tool.”  I use it to help focus my prayer life.  I’ve found it pretty useful as a reminder AND as a destroyer of distraction. 

beaded prayer tool

My three prayers I pray (every day I remember to pray them) are on the section with three beads in it.  I got these three prayers from Craig Groeschel’s book It.  Here they are: heal me, stretch me, ruin me.

Heal me, LORD, from the things I’ve done to myself.  The thought patterns I let take hold, the lusts, greed, anxieties I put myself through.  Heal me of my disappointments and how people have hurt me.”

Stretch me, LORD.  Stretch me in ways I think are just out of reach.  Stretch my imagination beyond what I can conceive.  Stretch my expectations of what You can do.”

Ruin me, Jesus.  Ruin me for Your Kingdom.  Ruin my plans and expectations.  Ruin me in a way that will bring me closer to You instead of closer to my selfishness.”

Scary prayers, huh?  Especially that “ruin me” prayer.  What if my life turned out to be harder?  …Something like carrying my cross every day, the ancient middle eastern death sentence?

What if I let myself be stretched?  My life sure can be comfortable.

What if I was healed beyond what I think I could be?  Would I be willing to live in healthier, more Christlike ways?

It’s not even close to being Halloween yet, and I’m having all of these scary thoughts.


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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1 Response to 3 prayers

  1. Shawn Franssens says:

    Thanks for these prayers Brian. Thanks also for another reminder that it’s okay to “borrow” tools from other traditions if they help draw us closer to God. Good stuff.

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