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Muppet Mayhem

I cannot wait to see The Muppets. They are bastions of comedic and musical influence that rattles throughout my brain, still to this day.  I remember watching the Muppets with my mom and dad.  I have fond memories of laughing hysterically … Continue reading

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Like a boss.

I’m officially obsessed with the phrase.  All I want to do is tell people about all of the inane, small things that I have mastered so that I can refer to mastering said inane, small things and declare that, “like … Continue reading

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Hack Attack

The other night, my Twitter account got hacked. When a couple of friends alerted me to the posts, my stomach dropped.  Would this lead to any finances getting swiped or offensive comments that might alienate me from my community? Nope.  … Continue reading

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Bless your heart. Just sayin’!

Today, I was humbly asking my friend Cindy to borrow a set of work keys, since I had forgotten my set somewhere else.  She took the opportunity to give me a hard time, which many people seem to take advantage … Continue reading

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Subtweeting – Wouldn’t it be cool…?

Have you heard about subtweeting?  It’s when you make a comment about someone behind their back, but publically on Twitter.  Just type in #subtweet and you’ll find all sorts of nasty comments about someone—hopefully not you. Wouldn’t it be cool … Continue reading

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