Hack Attack

The other night, my Twitter account got hacked.

When a couple of friends alerted me to the posts, my stomach dropped.  Would this lead to any finances getting swiped or offensive comments that might alienate me from my community?

Nope.  A few posts advertising for a sure fire weight loss solution and one or two promoting certain kinds of growth for guys.  Stuff that EVERYONE knows is a hack attack.  (Or is it…?  Cue dramatic “duhn, duhn, duhn!” music.)*

After the unsettling feelings left, I got to thinking about this whole process of cyberfraud.  Getting hacked is an amazing process, if you think about it.  It couldn’t have had anything to do with my password.  I mean, no one could ever guess what state I live in.  So to whoever and however you got in through the back door—bravo!

This is probably how Scottie Pippen felt when someone obviously hacked his Twitter feed for the following tweet he posted in May:

LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game.”**

He deleted that comment, just like I deleted my hacked posts.

Here’s what I’m ultimately thinking about this whole hack attack.  Wouldn’t it be cool if hackers were more like the Robin Hoods of the cyberworld instead of greedy capitalists or destructive anarchists?  What if hackers started advertising for revolutionary organizations like Water.org or charities to raise money to buy a Chicago Cubs championship?  (That would be a legit charity.)  God knows that Habitat for Humanity or World Vision sure need the help.


*it was a hack

**Michael Jordan, DUH.


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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