Muppet Mayhem

I cannot wait to see The Muppets.

The Muppets Poster

They are bastions of comedic and musical influence that rattles throughout my brain, still to this day.  I remember watching the Muppets with my mom and dad.  I have fond memories of laughing hysterically at Animal’s antics and jamming to The Electric Mayhem’s tasty grooves.  In later years, I learned how to shout at the screen at every turn where Kermit or anyone else could have easily offed Ms. Piggy in an “accident.”  (There are SO many opportunities.)

And now they’re back!  Not in some piddly TV movie or poorly backed weekly show, but with lots of Hollywood money thrown at them.  With Jason Segel–a hilarious guy–leading the way, I’m stoked to laugh like a kid again.

I don’t have any great Godstuff thoughts in this post, though the Muppets really did teach me about tolerance and equality.  They never let their Muppethood stop them in a world dominated by people who don’t typically give chances to those who are different than them.  That kind of stuff speaks in big ways to little kids.  It’s just another of the thousands of reasons why I want to enjoy the Muppets with Livvy.  (This past weekend I tried to watch The Muppets Take Manhattan with her, but I think she’s still a little too young for them.  It doesn’t move as quickly as cartoons do.)

To read an interview (in one of my favorite magazines) with Jason Segel, the actor dude who knew The Muppets needed a 21st century reboot, click here.  It will only get you more excited for seeing the movie!


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