Lyrics – Grab

I wrote some lyrics a looong time ago and thought I’d post them.  Some stirrings from my thoughts, prayers, heart.  Maybe they’ll find their way into a Megan Hobbs tune someday or some other artist with an ear for song.

I hereby recognize that the lyrics are nothing like a Martin Luther or Michael Gungor level of quality.  Judge away!

                You heal the broken

                You heal the weak

                You heal the wretched

                You heal the meek

You rescue the downcast

You rescue the past

You rescue the wretched

You rescue the last

                And so grab my heart, grab my soul

                Loose the chains I’m bound in

                Open my eyes and unblock my ears

                Melt away my shame, my heartache, my tears


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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