Rent Wide by Love

Happy Resurrection Day!  People like to point out that I say “happy cake day” for birthday or “turkey day” for Turkey Day Thanksgiving (like I’m unaware of doing it or something).  I do the same thing with Easter.  Too much meaning is lost in that word and too much gets replaced with candy and bunnies.

This isn’t a rant about the secularism of Easter!  Keep reading!

I stumbled across this poem years ago when I read Dallas Willard’s Hearing God.  It’s by Elizabeth Rooney.  (Willard couldn’t find where he got it.)  It’s worth memorizing—if you’re into that kind of thing.  I’m not and I still want to memorize it!


The Opening

Now is the shining fabric of our day

Torn open, flung apart, rent wide by love.

Never again, the tight, enclosing sky.

The blue bowl or the star-illumined tent.

We are laid open to inifinity,

For Easter love has burst His tomb and ours.

Now nothing shelters us from God’s desire

Not flesh, not sky, not stars, not even sin.

Now glory waits so He can enter in.

Now does the dance begin.


I added one thing to the poem.  I am the one who bolded that line.  I love that line.  If I have been crucified with Christ and am dead to my old self, then I, too, have (metaphorically, yo) burst forth with Jesus from that tomb of death.  Easter love has crumbled that door to pieces.

Nothing shelters us from God’s desire!  (I love that line, too.)  Nothing can get in God’s way.  Not flesh, circumstances, attitudes, or sin.  A boulder stands absolutely no chance.

I love how when I first read the line “Now glory waits so He can enter in” as Jesus ascending into Heaven.  But when I stopped and let that line sink in, I realized that it’s got a double meaning.  Glory is meaning our experience of Heaven and Jesus enters into our hearts before we experience that glory.  Love.  It.

 May your dance begin on Resurrection Day, if it hasn’t already.  May you dance and dance until the sun finally sets on this world and we get to experience The Glory in all its…glory.

Happy Resurrection Day!


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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