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I’ll bring the Chipotle covered Chipotle!

A few weeks back, a friend of mine riffed a blog post based off of an article I wrote for our church’s newsletter.  We’ve been having this conversation on and off about what the Church should look like over the … Continue reading

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Character is who you are…

You’ve probably heard the adage that your character is “who you are when no one’s looking,” right? Totally true. I’m formulating something that might update this saying.  This might just change the American vernacular.  It’s going to alter the kind … Continue reading

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Loving the unlovable. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff

Sometimes, as a student pastor, I get frustrated because teenagers don’t always see the wad of potential God has stuffed inside them.  Life can be hard and we often react by shutting down.  We turn our back on Jesus.  We … Continue reading

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Killer quote from @udreyfleenor

A good friend of mine tweeted this the other day: “Faith makes things possible, not easy.”—Audrey Fleenor (@udreyfleenor) What a great quote!  Boom goes the dynamite. This quote got me thinking about North American-style Christ following.  We have become deluded … Continue reading

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Chipotle is all you need–a post about haters

People always be talking about haters.  “Why you hatin’ on me?”  “You must have drank your Haterade today.”  “Haters gonna hate, but there’s always more to scrape.”*  These are all common phrases you hear people utter with this terminology for … Continue reading

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Love is controversial.

Love is controversial.  I’m talking about true, real love—the stuff God created and freely doles out to the pitiful wretches He created way back when. I keep political thoughts out of my posts.  Some things I’ve written about have had … Continue reading

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