Love is controversial.

Love is controversial.  I’m talking about true, real love—the stuff God created and freely doles out to the pitiful wretches He created way back when.

I keep political thoughts out of my posts.  Some things I’ve written about have had some overlap with political issues.  While I feel like Christ followers should vote our consciences, I don’t want this to be the venue for expressing my political ideas.  Keep that in mind if you’re interested in my thoughts at all.

Having adequately qualified what I’m about to say, remember that love is controversial.  I am not more worthy of receiving love than another.  Neither are you.  To think of a mom loving baby Hitler before baby Hitler was adult Hitler doesn’t sit right with us.  We want to personify people we see as evil as…evil.  It starts to get messy when we look at people as people with feelings, hopes, and dreams.  I am not worthy of being loved any more than the next person.

And so, love is controversial.

In recent headlines, tweets, Facebook rants, press releases, and blog posts from countless sources, everyone is offering their 2¢ about North Carolina altering their constitution to oppose gay marriage.  (Am I getting protested by the Westboro Baptist/Phelps family yet?)  So here are my thoughts about this subject.

Actually, my thoughts have NOTHING to do with gay marriage, directly.  In Jesus fashion, I think Christ followers should re-frame the conversation.

That’s what Jesus did with the hot button topics of His day.  He re-oriented the issue.  (Luke 6:1-11, Luke 20:20-26)

Here’s how I think we Christ followers should re-direct the dialogue about gay marriage, especially amongst ourselves.  Christ followers are called to love and accept people.  That doesn’t mean we put our stamp of approval on everything everyone does.  It means that somehow we love and accept them for who they are without putting restrictions on it.  God loves us before we even had the chance to sin.  God is patient for us to grow closer to Christ, no matter what our lifestyle.

If an LGBT person in your life knows your stance on that lifestyle better than they know your love for them, then you’re not doing your job.

That’s all, folks.  Jesus got criticized to death for loving the kinds of people He spent time with.  They knew what He stood for.  They would have known what His expectations and standards for sexuality were.  Yet people still loved being around Jesus because He genuinely loved them.

Let’s recapture that spirit before we start discussing other stuff.


A pitiful wretch who has sinned (just like others)


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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