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My reputation is staked on Jesus’. It is nailed to the cross. There is no turning back.

My reputation is staked on Jesus.  It is nailed to the cross.  There is no turning back. I kind of hate it when people find out that I’m a student pastor—at least, when initially meeting someone or before they can … Continue reading

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I hate scratchy tags

I hate scratchy tags.  Hanes has it figured out, y’know?  Stamping the tag right in on the back of the shirt—no scratching produced. [I also hate tags that clothing companies stick in obscure places, like we’re all hipsters who don’t … Continue reading

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“The blessing comes in the breaking.” @BishopJakes

OK, this is embarrassing. IwasspendingtimewithmywifeonthecouchonenightandshewantedtowatchanOprahepisode thatinterviewedfamouspeopleandsomethinginterestingcameoutofit. Whew.  Had to get that off of my chest. So this TV show host was interviewing megachurch pastor and author Bishop T.D. Jakes.  They showed video of the host experiencing a worship service at … Continue reading

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tbh Does that mean anything to you?  (If not, you’re old.) To be honest.  It’s all the rage on Facebook.  Someone puts “tbh” as their status and people “like” it to hear what utter honesty the person who wrote that … Continue reading

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Whaddya want, a medal? #dedication

Why isn’t dedication a character trait that’s blasé anymore? Instead it’s celebrated.  Really, I’m torn as to whether that’s a very good thing or something that should be so normalized that we don’t blink at it.  Shouldn’t it be something … Continue reading

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Don’t label me…please

In high school, I went to our school basketball games every Friday night, like tons of other people did.  In fact, it was a tradition in my family.  My mom, aunt and uncle still go.  During my freshman year, one … Continue reading

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An amusement park of grace and forgiveness

Hi, my name is Brian and I’m a roller coaster-holic. OK, OK, it’s not like a go out of my way to travel specifically to ride roller coasters.  That’s what –holics do, right?  They go out of their way to … Continue reading

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