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Gold Medal Moments

Back in August, I was thinking about something as Michael Phelps was winding down his utter domination of the Olympics over the course of his career.  He retired after winning a small child’s weight worth of gold medals.  What does … Continue reading

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George Costanza Disease

Have you heard of George Costanza Disease?  (I made the name up, so…probably not.)  Well, I have this unfortunate malady.  George Costanza Disease is something millions of people suffer, I believe, many without even knowing about it.  It’s a silent … Continue reading

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Reverse protesting

One of the things I utilize this site for is working out ideas and thoughts I don’t always get to communicate in my role as a student pastor.  There is one concept I’ve had rolling around my skull over the … Continue reading

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Killer quote from @POTSC #POTSC

“A grace-flavored snow cone on a hot, judgmental day.” Mmmm…delicious. Check them out and be inspired to offer those kinds of snow cones. I mean!  Who doesn’t like a tasty snow cone?!? (The quote doesn’t match the picture because I … Continue reading

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Scarlet Letter Removers

Love this picture?  Me, too.  I got it from People of the Second Chance, a self-professed “global community of activists, imperfectionists and 2nd chancers committed to unleashing radical grace every day, in every moment, for everyone.”  (They’re the folks behind … Continue reading

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