Killer quote from @JesusOfNaz316

Tweet much?  Don’t stop reading, even if you don’t care a lick about Twitter!  There are lots of reasons why I enjoy Twitter.  One of them is that there are a handful of people who have accounts that tweet “on behalf of” religious or famous figures—parody accounts.  Some are funny, some are crass.  @JesusOfNaz316 is one of these.  He’s hilarious, poignant, and in love with coffee.  His bio/description reads: Carpenter who hangs out with fishermen, alcoholics, and prostitutes.  I ascended.  Remember?

Last year on Twitter, @JesusOfNaz316 wrote this:

“If you do not forsake all you have, you cannot be my disciple.  Merry Christmas.”

I thought this was worthy of a killer quote post, especially in a time when we are bombarded with present purchasing and holiday stress and busyness.  We don’t often think about Jesus’ tough sayings around Christmas—like forsaking all we have to be His disciple.  For so many of us, this season can turn into all about all of the stuff we are getting—or giving.  No matter how conscious your battle with consumerism is, I think this is one of the biggest battlefields that Jesus of Nazareth[1] wants us to fight alongside with Him.

Make sure your heart belongs to The Rabbi and your loved ones, above the stuff you’re giving or receiving.

Merry Christmas!

[1] The REAL Jesus of Nazareth, not a human doing a paradoy on Twitter (no matter how well he/she captures Jesus’ voice from time to time).


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Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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