Seriously, folks?

Seriously, folks?

(NOTE: Christ followers who take the Kingdom of God seriously, pay attention.)

This story is setting the Interweb on fire.  At a meal AFTER CHURCH, a pastor declined giving a waitress a tip at all because “if the pastor only had to give God 10% of her income, why would she have to give a waitress an 18% tip?”  (It was 18% because of the automatic gratuity thing.)  So, instead of giving a 10%–or even 9%– tip, the pastor decided to go the obvious route and tip 0%.



If you believe in God, you believe in generosity.  One might even argue that generosity at your own expense is what Jesus teaches we should strive for.  (See Jesus’ real life example of the widow giving her last penny to the Temple.)  It’s a character issue, a part of discipleship to The Christ.  We are supposed to practice generosity because God, who is rich in love, wildly spends love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy on us like it’s going out of style.  God is generous to a fault, almost like just hitting the billion dollar PowerBall with a terminal illness set to take your life in one month.

Seriously folks - 1-31-13 -1

You spend that money, fool!

You spend that cheddar on anything you’ve ever wanted to do with the people you love, you pay off debt, and you buy the Cubs put every amazing player (NOT out of their prime) on the team.  And with the rest of the billions left, you fund your 10 favorite charities for 50 years.

That’s the kind of generosity God gives us and the kind that we are supposed to emulate.  PowerBall kind of generosity

I’m sick of Christ followers having a reputation for being lousy tippers.  Did you know of that reputation?  People in the food industry know that the Sunday lunch crowd is the worst tip pool of the week.

Seriously, folks?

Sometimes people tip poorly or not at all and throw down an evangelistic tract for the server.  If you’re going that route and leaving a crummy tract that has ZERO personal relationship* attached to it, AT LEAST LEAVE A GENEROUS TIP!  Take the opportunity to write a short note about God’s generous loves for us stinkpot sinners, paired with a generous tip.

Put your money where your mouth is.  Put your money where your heart is.

Be generous to others as God is generous to us.

End of rant.  Good day.


Ironically, the tract most likely talks about the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus.  I’m sure Jesus just looooves that irony.


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Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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3 Responses to Seriously, folks?

  1. Kristen P. says:

    And this was in St. Louis too – feeling much closer to my KC roots today! Is there room for two on your soapbox? ‘Cause I’m right up there with you bro.

  2. Lindsay says:

    When I heard that story, I was furious! Talk about a missed opportunity to show love to another human being. And not only that, but how many people are going to hear this story and write off “organized religion” once again? The real kicker though? When the story went viral, the pastor called the restaurant and got at least one person fired (though she requested everyone be fired).

  3. The ONE the ONLY Aubrey Burkie says:

    Your blog is deep, bro. I dig it.

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