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Earthly things like AutoTune – Lent day 16

Did you know that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez used to date? No? Do you care? ME NEITHER!!! Does it make a difference in my life, that I somehow remember this? IN NO FASHION DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO … Continue reading

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“50%, Swanson. 50%.” – Lent day 15

“50%, Swanson.  50%.” I hear this spoken to me at least 5-6 times a week.  It originates from my wife, who frequently complains that I don’t really hear what she’s saying. It’s not that I don’t hear her; it’s because … Continue reading

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Life me up! – Lent day 14

My daughter asks me to lift her up quite a bit.  This picture shows exactly why I oblige 99.9% of the time. “Lift me up, Daddio!” [She’s taken to calling me “Daddio” after hearing my wife tell me say things … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS! This just in: Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, Israel, offers forgiveness to anyone who decides to follow him. Yes, that’s right.  In an oft-cited Scriptural passage from The Bible, Jesus, age 33∞, is quoted as saying, “love will … Continue reading

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Vision quest – Lent day 12

One of the songs we had played at our wedding was “Be Thou My Vision,” an old Irish hymn chock-full of great theology, lyrics, and guitar solos.  (Jk about the guitar solos, although I bet U2 would melt our faces … Continue reading

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Live and be soaked in unchained grace – Lent day 11

“Everyone dies but not everyone lives.” I love that quote.  I don’t know which William Wallace said that, the historical figure or the Mel Gibson version.  It doesn’t matter to me.  It’s a great quote. Today’s photo-a-day word to contemplate … Continue reading

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The Spirit and the fire-breathing cow – Lent day 10

There’s a pretty intense metaphor for God’s Spirit in Scripture.  Fire.  (Yeah, it would be amazeballs if it was a COW breathing fire.  Right?) (Wait, on second thought, that’s probably too close to the old school fertility gods, so let’s scrap … Continue reading

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Love is controversial (a 2nd installment) or “Do you love the long talker?” – Lent day 9

Today I decided to write a second installment of a post I titled, “Love is controversial.” Love is this beautiful concept that transcends religions, cultures, governments, and genres of music.  Love is something that everyone understands to some small level.  … Continue reading

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Dr. Evil – Lent day 8

I think Mike Myers needs to do another Austin Powers movie, but from Dr. Evil’s point of view.  That way, Dr. Evil gets to be the star and Austin Powers appears minimally. Blockbuster gold. Can I get an amen?!? Evil … Continue reading

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Wonder – Lent day 7

Wonder is such a fabulous concept.  As a kid, it drove every activity I participated in.  Luke Skywalker’s journeys beyond Tashi Station sparked my imagination and sense of adventure. Watching Michael Jordan launch from the free throw line to throw … Continue reading

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