Settle – Lent day 5

Today my daughter bugs and bugs and bugs me to let her go on a bike ride.  Well, I don’t want to go on a bike ride.  I am tired, my stomach didn’t feel very good this morning, I’ve got seven books I’m  simultaneously trying to read, and our couch misses me.  Like the I’ve-been-overseas-for-several-years, kind of missing me.  I don’t want to go!

But she’s persistent.

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tells a parable to describe what God is like, in regards to prayer.  His story is one that has always perplexed me, because honestly, Jesus paints God to look kind of like a jerk.


The story is about a judge who gets so sick of this widow pestering him to help her that he finally gives in–not because he has compassion on her but because it will get rid of her.  (And he’s worried that she’ll come jump him later, too, apparently.)

There it is.  Jesus comparing God the Creator to a big fat jerk.

And God seems to be cool with this.

So if this is how we’re supposed to pray, let’s go all out.  Pick a problem in your life and give God an earful.  Pester the snot out of God.  Don’t settle for anything less.

Livvy’s never read this parable or heard this story, but she pretty much gets it.  Here’s another example of how we are to approach God with a childlike faith: bug the crap out of your dad because, eventually, he might give in.

settle - day 5 - 1

We went to the park in the middle of the bike ride, btw.  My couch will get over it.

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