Changing like a 5 o’clock shadow – Lent day 22 (shadow)

I grew up on grunge in the 90s.  More accurately, when I awoke to listening to good music, I grew up on grunge.  Previously, my tastes were grounded in pop and gansta rap.

Yeah.  I apologize to myself every day about that.

Then grunge happened.  Nirvana.  Pearl Jam.  Soundgarden and Dinosaur, Jr.  Smashing Pumpkins emerged as my favorite.  They weren’t really grunge, per se, but got lumped into the genre because of when they broke.

I went Lady gaga over the Pumpkins.  Total pumpkinhead.  Billy Corgan and the music the Pumpkins made was amazing.

shadow - day 22- 2shadow - day 22- 3

And then Billy Corgan changed.

shadow - day 22- 1

Their sound changed.  Their look changed.  They went…in a different direction.

I changed around this time, too.  Grew up a lot.  Music influences changed.  What I cared about changed.

My daughter has changed.  She’s growing up so fast.  (I don’t like that.)  Look at these two pictures, one during her first year and one from this year.

1st smileshadow - day 22 - 4

We are constantly changing: moods, tastes, and clothes.  We are like a shadow that way—maybe just not quite as fast.  I still appreciate “classic” Smashing Pumpkins.  But now I like bands like The Black Keys, Gungor, The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Muse, Waterdeep, and alternative country (Wilco, Ryan Delmore, Blitzen Trapper).  I would’ve mocked most of those bands back in the 90s.

I’m glad that God doesn’t change on us.  God is our steady rock.  God is our refuge in times of trouble.  God doesn’t change on us like shifting shadows, as James 1:17 promises us.

This is good news.  It seems like being able to count on someone to be a steady, constant source of quality character, trustworthiness, or friendship is rarer than a platypus sighting.

How awful would it be if God was like a moody four year old?  Hugs and kisses one moment then scathing wrath the next.  That would be unbearable.

Even the people we have the closest relationships with betray us at times, when our sinful nature gets in the way.  God is the only true, perfectly steady rock on which we can stand.  Jesus doesn’t change like a 5 o’clock shadow!


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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