new – Lent day 33

new - day 33 - 1

My daughter, as of late, has taken to only wanting to watch new episodes of her favorite shows, or new movies.  She gets disappointed if we don’t have anything taped or rented that fits this criteria.  My reaction to this is starting to amuse me.  At first, I was pretty confused.  I mean, why did she all of a sudden get tired of watching the same set of episodes of that stupid Dora the Explorer* show?  It didn’t seem to bother her the first 200 times she watched them!

Then I start to realize how glad I am to hear something other than Dora’s grating voice asking completely bone-headed questions all of the time.  All. Of. The. Time.

Finally, Livvy wanted something new!  My heart should have been leaping for joy at this news!  (And it does–unless she’s melting down because we truly don’t have anything new to watch–like 15 minutes ago.)

Sometimes I feel like Christ followers can act like little kids in regards to wanting something new to happen.  There’s a common complaint among people when they leave a church community in search of a new one.

It’s really not feeding me anymore.”

I’m just not getting anything out of it anymore.”

While there are always valid reasons for people transitioning from one community to another, there’s also a whole crapload of excuses people provide.  I think the two I cited above are prime examples of this.

Sometimes people complain about not learning anything new about their faith.  Or, they complain that they’ve heard it all before, over and over.  This can be true, that there’s really nothing new to the story God told in Scripture.

What IS new, however, is what God’s story is doing intertwined in your own story.  How is the story of God busting into human history making new things happen in your life?

I’m always excited to watch a Muppets movie with Livvy or something else from my childhood that I haven’t seen in a while.  Even though I wouldn’t want to watch those things on my own time**, I love watching them with Livvy.  I love seeing her come alive to those stories and enjoy them for the first time.

God’s story isn’t necesarrily new, but if you open up to the possibilities of letting it be a part of your life, how God’s story is told in your context will be nothing but fresh and new to you.

Let’s stop complaining about being bored and let’s start telling this story to more people.  Then we will see all things new!


*Actually, I am thankful for this show since it does a good job of teaching various things.  So, Dora the Explorer isn’t really stupid JUST REALY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new - day 33 - 2

**Except for The Muppet movies because DUH.  They are epically awesome, super funny, and crazy wonderful.


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2 Responses to new – Lent day 33

  1. Nancy Wilson says:

    As with these many other lent stories I have been reading this is very good. NEW and refreshing.

  2. hkostelnick says:

    Really like this. Nice job!

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