My garage door at home can be evil, so we open it – Lent day 37 (home)

Garage door up.

Car in.

Garage door down.


Don’t you love that feeling of coming home?  There’s a bunch of different feelings of coming home everyone experiences:

  • back after a long trip
  • arriving after a long day at work
  • warming up after being in the freezing cold

And then we can stay inside our homes.  We flip on the AC or heat, turn on the tube, and settle in for the evening.  We become less and less known to our neighbors.  How many times have I driven past my neighbors and only waved?  Do they know what gives me joy?  Do I know what gives them joy?  What would happen if one of us was in an emergency situation?  Would we even know where to get the spare key or who’s first on their emergency contact list?

I’m at the top of the list of who enjoys being cozy in my home, but if it comes at the expense of sowing generosity and hospitality, I lose out on something important.  God puts neighbors around us for a reason.  Through relationships we find community, something we’ve been created to have.

I remember my neighbor Billie walking across our front lawn on her way to visit the neighbor on the other side of our house.  I spouted off something like, “Hey, don’t walk on our grass!” to her.  She was incredibly gracious.  I don’t remember what she said, but I immediately felt stupid.  I realized I was doing something wrong.  I was getting in the way of our community from happening.

My family always talks about the good old days when we had tight relationships with our neighbors.  We miss Billie and her husband Virgil (who legit looked like Sam the Eagle from The Muppets).  The reason we had great relationships with them is because we spent time together.

home - day 37 - 2

So go home and open your garage door as your pull into the driveway.  Park your car.  Don’t push that button quite yet.  Walk across your lawn and find out if your neighbors want to have dinner next week.  Send your kid out on her bike and talk with the other parents who have done the same.  Foster some community relationships, right in your neighbors.

home - day 37 - 1


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1 Response to My garage door at home can be evil, so we open it – Lent day 37 (home)

  1. Janet Barnes says:

    For the last 20 years we have lived out in the “country”. We did not put our cars in the garage. They sat in the driveway. My daughter lives in a house and they don’t even have a garage. When we moved into this house we now park our cars in the garage. The first time I pulled in to the garage with my granddaughter in the car she screamed, “What are you doing”. I said “this is what garages are for.. look around the neighborhood everyone’s car is in the garage. “wow” she said, “How do you know if anyone is at home?”

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