Home Alone – Lent day 38

I’m not for sure if the people who put together the list of words to photograph/write about have a sense of humor or not, but here is how the past two days’ topics are listed:

  • home
  • alone

How could you NOT immediately think of that Christmas classic?


alone - day 38 - 2

So today’s topic: alone.  Besides the Christmas movie, a new movie starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann called This is 40 came to mind.  It’s about a married couple who basically reinvent their marriage relationship to revitalize it.  I haven’t seen it, but I heard about one scene that particularly spoke to me.

Paul Rudd is nowhere to be found.  Someone in his family is looking for him, and when they find him, they discover that he has hidden himself away in the bathroom for some alone time.  Your mind might have gone down a dirty road but Rudd’s character was in there to (get this!) play a game on his tablet–without being disturbed.

alone - day 38 - 1

Can you relate?  Maybe not sequestering yourself in the can to get away from people, but can you relate to needing to be alone?

Being alone is something that everyone needs.  It’s also one of the things that I think is really hard to balance.  I revel those times when I can be alone, but as an extrovert, I want to be around people.  People who peg themselves as introverts still need human interaction.  We are created for community, yet we still need to steal away from time to time.

Being alone can be uncomfortable.  You come into contact with only yourself, unless you’re distracting yourself with media or work projects.  When we are alone, we are able to listen to what God might have to say to us.  Or worse, we might hear about what God wants to change in us.  [Gulp.]

I’m giving you permission to find a bathroom and camp out for a little bit longer than you might normally.  Don’t take in a tablet or your phone (gross!) unless you’re going to access a Bible app.  Breathe in and out (unless you’re doing double duty in there).  Ask God to speak to you.  If you only have limited alone time, I bet God will pipe up sooner than later.


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