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My garage door at home can be evil, so we open it – Lent day 37 (home)

Garage door up. Car in. Garage door down. Home! Don’t you love that feeling of coming home?  There’s a bunch of different feelings of coming home everyone experiences: back after a long trip arriving after a long day at work … Continue reading

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BEloved – Lent day 36

Beloved. Such a weird word. I’m neck deep into this Lenten photo/blog-a-day challenge and the end is in sight.  Today’s word: beloved. It’s such a weird word!  How many times do you ever use it in daily life?  How many … Continue reading

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I have a dream. Do you? – Lent day 35

I remember learning about our nation’s history with slavery when I was in third grade. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wrap my head around this idea that such an injustice happened.  I remember wanting my teacher to unsay it.  … Continue reading

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The Bible, violence, and the rise of Christ – Lent day 34

If you’ve been watching The History Channel’s miniseries The Bible, you may have noticed something. VIOLENCE! Am I right?!? My goodness, there’s a lot of bloody gore in Scripture.  Even though I’m pretty sure that Abraham wasn’t a samurai (he … Continue reading

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new – Lent day 33

My daughter, as of late, has taken to only wanting to watch new episodes of her favorite shows, or new movies.  She gets disappointed if we don’t have anything taped or rented that fits this criteria.  My reaction to this is … Continue reading

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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am! (Stuck in the Middle with You) – Lent day 32 (surround)

Clowns to the left of me / Jokers to the right / Here I am / Stuck in the Middle with You Did you just get that song stuck in your head, too?  I love that song! Sometimes this song … Continue reading

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Holy temper tantrums, Batman! – Lent day 31

Back before Jesus destroyed me and put back the pieces, I had a pretty bad temper.  Just ask my younger sister, who unfortunately found herself at the receiving end of my temper from time to time all the time.  My … Continue reading

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Go. – Lent day 30

Go. GO! What are you waiting for?!?!? Go.  Do whatever you need to do.  Each one of us has something we need to do right now and we’re just putting it off. Is it having a 10 minute conversation with … Continue reading

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No agua for me – Lent day 29 (water)

A few years ago, our church staff was reading through The Hole in Our Gospel*and we were challenged to go 12 hours without drinking water** in an effort to understand what people go through who don’t have regular access to … Continue reading

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Crickets and that awkward silence – Lent day 28 (silence)

Crickets…crickets…crickets. I wish I could make that crickets sound every time there was an awkward silence. Don’t you hate awkward silences?  I do, although there are times when I revel in them simply because I find some awkward situations humorous. … Continue reading

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