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Red Letter Revolution – book review (Short version: BUY IT, READ IT!)

I hated book reports in school.  The idea of telling the class about a book we all had to read always sounded dumb to me. Now book reviews, on the other hand, I can get behind.  Tell me why a … Continue reading

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My wife and I make fun of the news.  Pretty often, in fact.  Rachael’s go-to subjects of teasing are the pointless things that make the broadcast or the completely inarticulate people they choose to interview.  (She can go on a … Continue reading

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Killer quote from @garlichbreath about the Boston bombing suspect

The Boston bombing suspect has been captured.  There were SO many resources spent finding him and bringing him in.  So.  Many.  Resources.  And, can you remember the last time U.S. Americans were perfectly ok with the government conducting house to … Continue reading

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The Boston Marathon, Jesus, bombs, and ice cream

Three killed.  One hundred and seventy-six injured.  Nine of the injured are children.  All because they were together to challenge themselves or celebrate others in their time of triumph.  All because a person or group of people have some sick … Continue reading

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Contagious much? #1Word5voices @umrethinkchurch #rethinkchurch #spreadjoy

WHEW! I got out of the cold and flu season without getti–OH WAIT.  I missed out on going to the premier of The Hobbit with some friends because I puked in a Walgreen’s bathroom earlier that day. Forgot about that. … Continue reading

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Killer quote from @JesusOfNaz316: “Love your enemies. I’m Jesus Christ, and I approve this message.”

“@JesusOfNaz316: Love your enemies. I’m Jesus Christ, and I approve this message.”  This was a tweet I saw a long while ago, from a parody account someone is doing in the(ir) voice of Jesus.  (The author tweets deep stuff and … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-un is dead!

In his sins, that is.  Kim Jong-un is dead in his sins, just like all of us are until renewed by the Holy Spirit and washed in the blood of Christ.  He is a sinner in need of the same … Continue reading

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Nuking North Korea – To nuke or not to nuke?

A little bit ago I was thinking about this whole ridiculous situation with North Korea.  Most people I’ve talked to are not super scared of getting nuked by them, but it’s not necessarily out of their thoughts, either.  It sparked … Continue reading

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Party on, Wayne!

“Party on, Wayne!” “Party on, Garth!” Remember that SNL skit and the movies that followed? Sorry if you feel like this post is a couple of decades too late to be relevant.  I don’t care!  It’s a throwback kind of … Continue reading

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A final word about Lent 2013

Back in February, I don’t know if you heard it, but I gulped super loudly when a few friends decided to challenge ourselves with posting everyday during Lent.  I knew that it would stretch me and my schedule if I … Continue reading

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