Party on, Wayne!

“Party on, Wayne!”

“Party on, Garth!”

Remember that SNL skit and the movies that followed?

Sorry if you feel like this post is a couple of decades too late to be relevant.  I don’t care!  It’s a throwback kind of day.  I randomly had the phrase “Party on, Wayne!” pop into my head last week.

And so here we are.

For the uninformed, Wayne and Garth were long-haired, blonde babe-obsessed,* music lovers who hosted a cable access show in Garth’s basement.  They put together great top ten lists and had surprise guests, to boot.  We all wanted to be on their show, and not just because we might get to meet Madonna (in her pre-old lady days).

Party on Wayne - 4-4-13 - 2

Wayne and Garth were all about partying on.  The good time.  They didn’t want to cause trouble.  They were just looking out for the next good-natured party.

Party on Wayne - 2-12-13 - 1

The Kingdom of God is a party.

Tony Campolo shares a story about a group of people he met in a diner late at night.  He was in Honolulu and the jet lag woke him up at 3:30 am.  As he was drinking bad coffee and eating a stale donut, a late night crowd came in for their usual after-work nightcap.  As Tony listened to their conversation, he learned that the next day was going to be someone’s birthday.  After they left, he was so taken by their camaraderie despite tough circumstances, that he asked the diner staff if he could throw the birthday woman a party.

That woman was a hooker.

You can read the story in its entirety here.  (While you’re at it, read the whole sermon!  It’s one of my most favorite-est and most influential sermons that I’ve ever heard and re-read.)

The diner staff couldn’t believe that this preacher guy was going to do this.  This also profoundly impacted Campolo himself.  He uses this to illustrate how the Kingdom of God is a party—one that hookers and high class alike are invited to.

It brings joy and feasting, this party.  It’s for all walks of life.  Old and young alike are invited.

Jesus tells a story about a king throwing a party at his son’s wedding.  When the initial guests balk at the invitation, he decides to invite everyone-ANYone–that his servants can find.  He fills the house with people he doesn’t know because he wants to throw this party so badly.  Good and bad people alike are invited.

This party is the party that God is throwing for us.  This is the wedding of the Bridegroom (Jesus) and the Bride (The Church).  It’s the Kingdom of God.

Typically, the reason people throw parties is because they want to be around those who they have invited.  I want to be at this party with hooligans, hipsters, houndogs, and harlots.  What about you?

I hope to have the following conversation someday with Jesus (especially with my dad present, who also loved Wayne and Garth).

“Party on, Jesus!”

“Party on, Brian!”


Doesn’t that sound rad?

This party isn’t going to be a day dream Wayne and Garth escape to.  It will be legit.

RSVP to the party, already!!!


Party on Wayne - 4-4-13 - 3



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