Killer quote from @JesusOfNaz316: “Love your enemies. I’m Jesus Christ, and I approve this message.”

“@JesusOfNaz316: Love your enemies. I’m Jesus Christ, and I approve this message.” 

jesusofnaz316 - 4-10-13

This was a tweet I saw a long while ago, from a parody account someone is doing in the(ir) voice of Jesus.  (The author tweets deep stuff and silly stuff, alike.)  I really wanted to schedule this post for election season, but the international climate is just too thick right now for me to wait that long.

Today @JesusOfNaz316 tweeted, “Love your enemies like a boss.”

Easier tweeted than done, huh?

For sure.  But nevertheless, that’s exactly what the true Jesus of Nazareth teaches us to do–even in the shadow of North Korea’s threats.  However real or empty you think Kim Jong-un’s threats are, he has still positioned himself and an entire country as enemies of U.S. citizens and its allies.  How do we love someone like that?

International politics can get ridiculous really quickly, especially when one country is threatening to destroy other countries.  It’s in these kinds of times when the teachings of Christ don’t seem to apply.  Right?  I mean, Jesus never had to face long-range missles.  He never dealt with regimes eyeballing other regimes for nuclear dominance.


I don’t think it matters what year we hear Jesus say “love your enemies.”  It doesn’t matter if it’s 31 A.D. or 2013, His teaching to love our enemies is controversial and difficult to adapt.  But it still stands.

There’s a great line from the kids’ movie The Lorax where the main character, who’s chopping down trees left and right in the name of loads of cash, says something that stuck out to me.

“How ba-a-a-ad could I be, I’m just doing what comes naturally.”

jesusofnaz316 - 4-10-13 - 2

It’s natural for us to hate our enemies.  It’s natural to have the sentiment that we should “just nuke them before they nuke us,” as I heard someone state the other day.  What is unnatural is to see our enemies as human, people with little children in their families, hopes, dreams, aspirations.  Jesus wants us to humanize our enemies by loving them, instead of demonizing them with hatred.

Following Jesus isn’t natural.  He teaches things that seem to go against everything our selfish natures wants.  Yet Christ still tells us to love our enemies, pray for them, and to seek their good.  Tough stuff to swallow, but it nourishes more than hatred does.

Have you prayed for Kim Jong-un and North Korea today?


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