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Look out world, it’s a girl!

This is the second girl introduced to the universe by my wife and I.  Funny, I remember when I was in college and someone cynically said something to the effect of, “Why would people bring someone new into this world … Continue reading

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Sing…sing a song – #1Word5voices #TheCarpenters

How much of your identity is wrapped up in the music you like?  Are you defined by what you spin while you work or what tracks fill your mp3 player?  Music is a big deal to people.  We are shaped … Continue reading

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“Ah, the sounds of construction.” – @spotify and the Kingdom of God

“Ah, the sounds of construction.”  If you’re a Spotify addict like I am* then you can hear Dennis Haysbert say this first line of Spotify’s commercial perfectly.  Maybe you can even quote the rest of it!  “That’s music to the ears … Continue reading

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punched in the gut

That’s how I feel when people are mad at me or criticize me unfairly.  It can’t stand it.  Know what I’m sayin’, holmes?  I wish that I didn’t give a rip about what people thought of me, in a healthy … Continue reading

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Killer quote from Timothy Keller

I love me a good quote, don’t you?  A simple one can get a person thinking for days on end, even shaping worldviews.  NYC pastor Timothy Keller tweeted this thought today.  It’s worthy of my killer quote selection, so read … Continue reading

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