This is where I like to work out thoughts about following Jesus that I don’t share in other contexts.  Today, in honor of my ten years of marriage to Rachael, I wanted to throw out a short treatise about love.

Love is - 7-18-13 - 1

Love is a gift.  We all love gifts, but some presents are cherished above others.  If you have love in your life–whatever that looks like–protect and nourish it.

Love is a choice.  It might start out as mushy gushy feelings that envelope your entire chest, but love that lasts is chosen.  Choose to love even when it seems like it might be too difficult.  It’s not real love if you don’t choose it through good times and bad.

Love is a step of faith.  You have to take a chance that someone will love you back.  Love requires faith that trust will not be broken and that your heart will be cherished.

Love is worth it.  I’ve never received more grace, mercy, and forgiveness than when I’ve pursued love.  The world has nothing to offer that can compare to the love God blesses and perpetuates.

Love wins.

Oh, and finally: Marriage is work.

Love is - 7-18-13 - 2—————————————

[If you’re married to me, please be sure to click the link above the picture of Benifer.  Thanks.  I love you!]


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Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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