Do criers need to hydrate more often? #warmth #1Word5voices

Last week, my small group went deep.  As in, “lots of tears” deep.  Several people needed to hydrate afterwards.

We were chugging along in our discussion when someone brought up a struggle they’ve been going through the past month.  All of us have seen her struggle in this situation because it affected us, too–just not as deeply.  Our friend lost a close family member in a tragic accident back in September.  As soon as she started sharing, even the squirreliest of us in that room became the most intent listener.  Her sharing led to some others who shared similar hurts.  We listened and loved on one another.  It was a beautiful moment in our week.

There have been few times when I have seen such warmth shared among friends.  This was one of them.  I love being in situations where people share deep hurts, the doubts that arise from those hurts, and the consoling or listening others offer.  Sometimes people dole out clichés or common Christian phrases that don’t actually help the situation.  But their intent can prevail if they spend time listening and responding in caring ways.

Do you have a setting where you experience warmth like that?  If you’re willing to open yourself up to that idea, look for it.  Hunt down any options that could lead to this in your life.  Pursue it because those moments of warmth are what tie the body of Christ together and attract other people to Jesus.

Stoke some warmth in your life, cuz!


This #1Word5voices thing is something four friends of mine concocted together, during Lent of 2013, we challenged ourselves by posting on a word a day that Rethink Church came up with for Instagram.  We liked it so much that we decided to post on a word once a month, on the fifteenth.  Click on the hashtag #1Word5voices to find what Heather, Lindsay, Shawn, and Stephanie had to say this go-around.



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