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Gun control — #guncontrol — @JesusofNaz316

GUN CONTROL Did you just start frothing at the mouth?  If so, then maybe you need to read this post.  I’m not trying to be arrogant here.  If the issue of gun control instantly sends you into a feeding frenzy … Continue reading

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Being in love with an idea ≠ living out that idea — #justice #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

In the past week, has there been anything that riled you up into a froth?  Has there been anything that you feel is just WRONG?  I’m not talking about the guy who cut you off in traffic or the nasty … Continue reading

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Quick Trips in Learning Patience #steadfast #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas @erikwillits

Sometimes when I fuel up my car at the gas station, I get so impatient that I start squeezing the handle before the pump is primed to dispense the gas.  Then it makes this annoying clicking sound, kind of like … Continue reading

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Maybe this Christmas… #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas #Advent #hope

“I hope I get everything on my list!” “I hope Cousin Vinny can make it this year.” “I hope that Mom makes Mexican wedding cakes* again!!!” Christmas is filled with hope.  We hope for important things and for small things.   We … Continue reading

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A wise guy, eh?? #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

If you were writing a story–a realistic story–about someone who would take over the world, what kind of backstory would you write for that character? Would you put him or her in a backwater setting where your countrymen considers everyone … Continue reading

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Ready? Set! WAIT! #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

Seeing the bright smiles of our kids is something that parents love to see at Christmas. Right? How could you not melt at seeing that big smile? Kids are ready for Santa at the drop of a hat. But there … Continue reading

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Are you awake, Jesus? It’s me, Brian. #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

I hate the song “Away in a Manger.” Man, that feels good to get off of my chest!  I hope you don’t find me to be soulless, now.  I love Christmas worship songs and secular Christmas songs, so please don’t … Continue reading

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Floods of hope > floods of despair #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas #1Word5voices

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days of ignorance when I didn’t know about all the problems of the world.  My biggest problem was if I missed my Saturday morning cartoons.  You feel me? I don’t know … Continue reading

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Dear God (a humble suggestion) #time #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

“Dear God, “I have a humble suggestion.  I know that in all of your infinite wisdom, You probably have already thought of this and decided against it for whatever reason.  I’m here to toss an idea back into the ring, … Continue reading

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Peace, yo! #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

“I’m thankful for everything, except bad guys.” Livvy, my 5 year old philosopher, said this last week when we asked her what she’s thankful for.  (She is one hilarious kid, let me tell you.)  Right now, Livvy watches movies or … Continue reading

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