Dear God (a humble suggestion) #time #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

“Dear God,

“I have a humble suggestion.  I know that in all of your infinite wisdom, You probably have already thought of this and decided against it for whatever reason.  I’m here to toss an idea back into the ring, if You’ll permit me.

“Please create all babies with a built-in snooze button.  I know that it’s probably too late for my own kids, but I’m thinking about all of the future parents-to-be.  What do you say?”


Did you know that when babies are born, their stomach is about the size of an adult’s thumb?  It doubles in size in the next months, of course.

time - 1 - 12-4-13I really did have the above wish/prayer at 3:30 am in a zombie-like state, though my wits weren’t about me to take a picture until later in the morning.  I was changing Rosie’s diaper right before handing her off to her mom.  The thought stuck with me the next day.  Weirdly, my brain jumped from that dorky thought to a criticism people have about the Christian faith, following Jesus, and being involved in a church.

[Before you go on to the next paragraph, I need to admit something to you.  I don’t know WHY my brain jumped to this next thought.  So you’ll just have to be comfortable with that.  OK?  Alright, GO!]

So many people complain about organized religion and use it as target practice to lob their attacks on faith.  (Well, at least at being involved in a church.)  Many even do have a faith in God or specifically Jesus of Nazareth, but regard themselves as “spiritual but not religious.”  Then Advent rolls around and people flock to being together at Christmas Eve services.  Why?  Because there is something holy about this time of year…and we need to experience that together.

The Church is full of broken people who sometimes act like they have it together perfectly.  It’s also full of people who are open about their brokenness.  Yes, we sometimes tear at each other but there are plenty more moments of beauty where we build each other up, protect one another, and adopt one another into our family.

It’s time you gave the Body of Christ another shot.  Get back involved this Christmas season, but go beyond that into 2014.  Be open and willing to be some of the change that you want to see in a local church.


About Brian Swanson

Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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