Being in love with an idea ≠ living out that idea — #justice #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

In the past week, has there been anything that riled you up into a froth?  Has there been anything that you feel is just WRONG?  I’m not talking about the guy who cut you off in traffic or the nasty look the bookstore clerk threw your way.  I mean, has there been anything recently that has torn your heart out and led to you cry for justice?

Sometimes we get more worked up over a botched call in a game than we do over issues of justice.  You feel me?

Eugene Cho recently said “we might be more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world.”  We’re all for jumping on the bandwagon of compassion and justice, but the minute someone says we have to sacrifice something—the minute we realize there’s actually a cost to making a difference—suddenly we’re not so sure this is something we’re “called” to do.  Can you relate to that, like I do?  Unfortunately, I think I fit that bill way too often.

Cho suggests that this is part of the reason Jesus encourages us in Luke 14:25–33 to “count the cost” before we begin.  Are we in this for the long haul?  Are we ready to dive into this thing we call “the justice movement?”

justice conference 2Our church’s student ministry is going to be hosting a simulcast of The Justice Conference.  The conference is a young one, only three years old, but has a lot of traction.  The organizers describe the conference as one “that educates, inspires and connects a generation of men and women around a shared concern for the vulnerable and oppressed.  The Justice Conference has become one of the largest international biblical and social justice conferences and an annual pilgrimage for justice workers, students and learners from all over the world.”

I don’t ever advertise for something person in my life on here (if you don’t count me ringing the bell for Chipotle, my favorite bands, or an author/book that’s grabbed me).  So if you’d be willing to forgive me this one time, would you consider attending this conference?  It’s February 21-22, 2014 at my local church.  (If you’re not local, check out their other partner sites.)

I think that maybe you’d be surprised at how much of God’s justice you’d like to see happen through you.

justice conference pic

Btws, Eugene Cho will be speaking at the conference, as well as Rich Stearns and NT WrightJosh Garrels will be performing at it, too.  (I’m TOTALLY fangirling over NT Wright & Josh Garrels!!!)


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1 Response to Being in love with an idea ≠ living out that idea — #justice #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

  1. Lisa says:

    Love this Brian! May use the quote in my book.

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