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Be who you are, where you are, open to God using you to influence people. #IamaMissionary #vocation

Fine.  I’ll say it. I have a theological crush on Dan White Jr.  I’m not ashamed.  The bro gets me thinking about how I live out my faith as a Jesus follower. Check out this truth that he just puts … Continue reading

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You Give Love a Bad Name OR Fred Phelps, the prophetic imagination, & #loveconquershate

Rachael: “Fred Phelps died today.” My mom: “Who?” R: “You know, that guy who was against gay rights.” Mom: “I have no idea who you’re talking about.” R: “He’s the Westboro Baptist Church guy.” Mom: “Oh yeah, now I know … Continue reading

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DO NOT PUSH THE BIG, RED BUTTON – #basicneeds #temptation @umrethinkchurch

You wanna push it, don’t you? Admit it. C’mon, it’s safe to do so. You know you’re tempted. DON’T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!!!!!! I want to set up this as a gag in a mall somewhere and watch people react to … Continue reading

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Loving bad guys

The following conversation took place between my 5 year old daughter and me while watching TV. “Dad, do you love a bad guy?” “Uhm…what do you mean?” “Do you love a bad guy?” “Are you asking if I love a specific … Continue reading

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Basic needs: being still #rethinkchurch #40days #basicneeds

It’s that ashy time of year again: Lent.  All of the conversations about what people are giving up or adding to their lives culminate on this day.  (Please stop using the “I gave Lent up for Lent” joke.  It’s played … Continue reading

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