I’m Not Your Pastor…Yet.

If there’s a better written expression of what it means to be a pastor and all that entails, I haven’t read it. We’ll put, my friend, in so many places–both on your post and in my own life as my friend, pastor, and colleague.

Everyone else, read this if you have a relationship with a pastor, no matter how crazy they are!

Big Rubber Band Ball

bible3 I love being a pastor. I love the sense of God’s call on my life and the way I have been invited to respond to the call.

Now as I prepare to join in God’s work among a people I do not yet know in a land I am only passingly familiar with, I find myself reflecting on how one becomes a pastor to a people. I suggest there is a progression of relationship I do well to keep before me as I explore this emerging opportunity. In fact, I think I will be called to serve in three related, but separated roles: Priest, Pastor, and Prophet.  Knowing when to act as each may be the difference between successfully participating in furthering the Kingdom of God or not. (Yes. I think this is that important.)

Start Here: Priest
When I show up on day one, I come as Priest. I bring the authority to…

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