Na-nu Na-nu — some thoughts to add to thousands of others about #RobinWilliams

Everyone’s devastated.*  No one can wrap their heads around this.  When positive, hilarious people like Robin Williams–literally a comedic actor–take their lives, it sends us all spinning.  As well it should.

Nanu NanuI grew up watching Mork and Mindy, like so many people my age.  I dreamed of sucking down a glass of milk with my finger.  I shook hands like a typical Orkan.  I even had Mork’s suspenders!  Robin had me in stitches any time he popped on screen and my parents would let me stay up to catch him on Johnny or Letterman.

Robin Williams once said “Comedy is acting out optimism.”  That’s incredibly profound to me, especially as an optimist myself.  Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to absorb the reality of his death.

Right now, there are some people hurting in my faith community.  And, other than a few who are reaching out to them, not many are coming alongside them to help in through tough times.  It frustrates me to see it, especially when some who know better are even adding to the pain of others when they don’t know the full story.  Sadly, it’s nothing new for Christ followers to harm each other.

The thing with Robin Williams’ suicide is that, in a few weeks, people will not think about it.  That’s normal, but with that also comes less awareness about those who do struggle with depression.  The Church should be known for being where you can turn to if you struggle with suicidal thoughts or feelings of depression.

If you identify with Jesus, are you known as a listening ear and supportive shoulder to people?  Imagine what might have changed if Robin Williams had someone like that in his life and he lived to share it with others.**

Go love on someone today.  Na-nu, na-nu!


*This is something that pales in comparison to the current events happening in Ferguson, Iraq, or countless other situations around the world.  Duh.


**Maybe he did have it and still committed suicide anyway.  No one can know what’s going on in someone else’s head, which is why the Body of Christ is directed to take care of one another.


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Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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