Remember — #1word5voices #40days

day 7 - rememberToday I went to the library to pick up some holds (I have never read The Giver!), and I saw this sign taped to the chair.   Now, I know that this is for the education of some little tykes running around the library, but it made me laugh.  “I know that’s a chair!”  I can envision my 6 year old exclaiming this right now.

There is so much to education and helping people learn what you’re trying to teach them.  Education theory teaches that there are visual learners, auditory learners, tactile learners, and experiential learners.  We all learn in a fashion that mixes and matches those different ways to learn.   Memorization is obviously a big foundation to learning.  If you don’t remember things, you will never learn many things in life, right?

Did you know that, in Hebrew, the word for “male” sounds a lot like “remember?”  (Zakar in Hebrew.  It also sounds like “female.”)  That’s a thing in Hebrew: words take on deeper, additional meanings when they sound like other words.  I’ve been racking my tiny brain all day to try and come up with an example in English, but I can’t.  (I’m sure that after I post this, one will jump right out at me.)

I think that it’s pretty significant that God named Adam and Eve words (“male” and “female”) that sounds like “remember.”  God wants us to remember where we came from.  God wants us to remember that we are indued with His breathe in us.

I think it would affect our mentality quite a bit if we remembered that being human means that we are a creatures who are supposed to remember.  We are literally created to remember what our very nature is: made in the image of God, both male and female.

Don’t you think that sexism would start to disappear, a least a little, if we remembered to remember?

There would be less human trafficking if people remembered that we are torturing a human soul.

There would be more less war if we remembered to remember we are killing the image of God.

When it comes to our relationship with God, so much of growing in your faith isn’t what you do (or don’t do).  Much of it boils down to remembering who we are.  You and I are created in God’s image, and we are destined to look more and more like Christ’s image–the ultimate example of what a human being connected to God can be.

Take some time and listen to this worship tune, “I Will Not Forget You,” by Waterdeep and 100 Portraits.  [Disregard the semi-weirdo parts about “getting a little wild inside.”  Whuuut??]  This song helps remind us what a good posture is when we remember who we are created to be.


The other #1word5voices crew reflecting during Lent are: Shawn, Lindsay Evans, Heather Kostelnick, and Stephanie Mutert.

Lent 2015 -- large graphic

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2 Responses to Remember — #1word5voices #40days

  1. No English word needed. This was great.

  2. Lindsay says:

    You just helped me “remember” to donate for the End It movement. 😉

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