MY %$@@*&* COFFEE CUP!!! — @Starbucks #Christmas #RedCups

Another shot has been fired in the never-ending stupidity that is the Christian vs. secular culture war.  Starbucks has taken Jesus out of their stores–as in they aren’t selling cups that say “Merry Christmas” on them.




Does this outrage anyone else??  I can’t believe this!!!

I am outraged…AT HOW RIDICULOUS AMERICAN CHRIST FOLLOWERS HAVE BECOME.  We are freaking out over coffee cups.

Coffee cups, folks.  Coffee cups*.

Jesus invites us to make disciples, not coffee cups.  We are called to make disciples.  I don’t think Jesus ever thought we would have time to worry about what’s on our coffee mugs.  (He taught us to worry about what comes out of our hearts, instead.)

Christ followers: get over yourselves.  Our freedom of religion is not as important as our freedom from slavery of sin.  We are called to set aside our rights for the sake of people who have yet to follow Jesus.  We need to get back to being comfortable in that practice, instead of being so comfortable (read: complacent) that we are complaining about our coffee cups.

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food coffee.”

If you want to cup coffee cup with Jesus on it, go to Mardel and buy a stupid coffee cup with Jesus giving you his thumbs up.  Then go to Starbucks and get your precious coffee and pour it into your Jesus coffee cup.  It will then be holy coffee and you will remember how glorious the LORD is and you will have an uncontrollable urge to make disciples again.

I am so sick of people worrying about this stuff when there are people in Russia who are in need of getting adopted, there are people in Haiti you don’t have clean water, there are people in Syria getting killed over the fact that they follow The Christ.  Do you think the church in China, the persecuted, underground church, comprised of people who are constantly looking over their shoulder, cares about what kind of coffee cup to have???

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

Instead of being warmed by your coffee, may you be warmed by the thought that Jesus forgives you, loves you, cleans you up, and sets you free to make disciples.


*That’s not actually my coffee cup.  Does this invalidate my entire post?  Dang it.

my coffee cup 2


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