Flash Gordon – #1Word5voices #HolySaturday #Lent #Easter

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon never heard from this woman again.

My wife gave my dad a nickname pretty early into our marriage. Whenever I would be on the phone with Mom and Dad, it was usually Mom who spoke unless I directly asked Dad a question. He would talk but typically liked to jump into the conversation rather than lead it. He always tossed in lots of jokes, too.  So when Rachael came into my life and we talked to my folks on speaker phone, it would crack her up when Dad fired off a joke because she wouldn’t know that he was even on the line. Hence the nickname she bestowed upon him: Flash Gordon, jumping into the conversation like a flash out of nowhere. 

Many times in life it seems that God is silent. Historically, this is something people have always felt. It’s a common experience for the ages. We long for a personal God to interact with us because we are made in God’s image: personal. The nation of Israel saw 400 years go by before they felt like God was speaking again. 

Do you ever feel like God is absent? Jesus felt God’s absence while on The Cross.  The disciples’ hope in their Messiah was dashed upon Jesus’ death. God seemed like He would go without speaking, again.

Take heart. God is not silent. On this day, Holy Saturday, God was still at work as Jesus lay in the tomb.  His body may have died, but He was far from being done.

You might be in a place in your life right now that feels like God is gone, or is refusing to speak into your life. That is a valid feeling. But God is never silent for long. You never know what the next day will hold.  Be ready for it!  Mary Magdalene wasn’t ready when she came across The Gardener.  She thought Jesus was done speaking. 

Death cannot keep God from speaking, for Resurrection Sunday is coming!


ACheck out what my friends are writing about during our crazy Lent experiment we talked each other into doing. Shawn, Lindz, Bones, or Steph.


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Christ follower. Screw up. Stained with grace. Ruined by Jesus.
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