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“The Jerk Store called” OR “The voice of a jerk calling in the wilderness” – #40days #Lent #1Word5voices

“The Jerk Store called. They’re running out of YOU!” Have you ever wanted to say something like that to people? [Or worse?] When someone is being nothing but a bag of jerks, this is what I want to exclaim. This … Continue reading

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Gathering Cats – #1Word5voices #AshWednesday #Lent #40days

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials is for computers or a technology company, I think. It’s the one where you see a bunch of cowboys riding horses in The Great West and they’re herding. While you’re busy waiting for … Continue reading

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MY %$@@*&* COFFEE CUP!!! — @Starbucks #Christmas #RedCups

Another shot has been fired in the never-ending stupidity that is the Christian vs. secular culture war.  Starbucks has taken Jesus out of their stores–as in they aren’t selling cups that say “Merry Christmas” on them. GASP! OUTRAGE! HULK SMASH! … Continue reading

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“‘Love your enemy?’ But LORD, what if they watch The View?!?!!?”

One out of the thousands of things I love about Jesus of Nazareth is that He is crazy.  I don’t mean “loony tunes, put-Him-in-the-nuthouse” crazy.  I’m talking about how Jesus has these insane ideas about how to build the Kingdom … Continue reading

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Lights! Camera! Action! — #1word5voices #40days

When I take the students in our youth ministry to the gym for a game, sometimes the lights are off.  While I make my way to find the light switches, I get a big smile as I listen to them … Continue reading

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I already looked there…. — #1word5voices #40days

Have you ever looked HIGH and LOW and HIGH again for something you know was in a the exact place you looked for it at the beginning of your search?  I do this all the time.  My wife claims that … Continue reading

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All right, STOP! — #1word5voices #40days

Collaborate and listen. Did you just start singing an amazing song?  Don’t be ashamed.  What are songs that, when you hear them on the radio, you halt any conversation and turn up the volume?  For me, “Ice Ice Baby” is … Continue reading

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Eye roll, please! — #1word5voices #40days

Plenty of people out there think they know everything.  Do you know someone like this?  My eyes are always in danger of rolling out of their sockets whenever I’m around someone who thinks the sun rises and sets on their … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss: a lament — #1word5voices #40days @useyouratlas

“Ignorance is bliss.” I wish I didn’t know many of the things that I know now.  Lately, I have been overwhelmed with the burden of so many different things happening in this world.  It’s not unique to me and it’s … Continue reading

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My cross to bear — #1word5voices #40days

One of the phrases that bugs me that people use is when they refer to “my cross to bear.”  I’m guilty of using this phrase, but one day it struck me how flippantly we say it. Jesus calls us to … Continue reading

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