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Flash Gordon – #1Word5voices #HolySaturday #Lent #Easter

My wife gave my dad a nickname pretty early into our marriage. Whenever I would be on the phone with Mom and Dad, it was usually Mom who spoke unless I directly asked Dad a question. He would talk but … Continue reading

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Capitalism is broken. — #10questions6voices #rethinkchurch #workersrights #immigrationreform

There, I said it. Capitalism is broken.  But so is every other form of economic theory, lest you think I’m commie pink on the inside. (Why would that be utterly horrible if it were true, anyway?!?) When broken humans practice … Continue reading

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Pull my finger spirituality — #rethinkchurch #spirituality

Mountains.  A babbling brook.  The sunset.  (I’m not able to put sunrise on the list because I’m never up that early.)  A humble person serving someone else. These are all ways that people see God’s presence or God at work … Continue reading

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DO NOT PUSH THE BIG, RED BUTTON – #basicneeds #temptation @umrethinkchurch

You wanna push it, don’t you? Admit it. C’mon, it’s safe to do so. You know you’re tempted. DON’T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!!!!!! I want to set up this as a gag in a mall somewhere and watch people react to … Continue reading

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