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My economic plan – part 1 (NBA edition)

Kobe Bryant made over $25 million for the Lakers last year. LeBron James made $16,022,500 in salary this year; $27,000,000 in endorsements. Derrick Rose (my man!) made $6.9 mill to break ankles on fast breaks. breaking ankles The Lakers shelled … Continue reading

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My Zen Master

Yogi Berra is one of my favorite philosophers.  A true zen master.  Since baseball is over for the season[1] and I’m already looking forward to it being the Cubs’ year next year, I figured that one of the all time … Continue reading

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Baseball as eschatology

Hang in here with me.  Eschatology means the study of the end of the world.  It’s kind of amusing to me that humans have always been obsessed with this kind of subject when we’ve got enough in this world to … Continue reading

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