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Chaco-crazed, grimy love – Maundy Thursday thoughts – #40days #Lent #1Word5voices #MaundyThursday

Do you know anyone who is obsessed with their Chacos?  Twenty years ago, Tevas were the thing.  I wore my pair until they disintegrated.  I was a camp counselor at Camp Lakewood in Potosi, MO.  My Tevas were on my … Continue reading

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Gathering Cats – #1Word5voices #AshWednesday #Lent #40days

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials is for computers or a technology company, I think. It’s the one where you see a bunch of cowboys riding horses in The Great West and they’re herding. While you’re busy waiting for … Continue reading

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Na-nu Na-nu — some thoughts to add to thousands of others about #RobinWilliams

Everyone’s devastated.*  No one can wrap their heads around this.  When positive, hilarious people like Robin Williams–literally a comedic actor–take their lives, it sends us all spinning.  As well it should. I grew up watching Mork and Mindy, like so … Continue reading

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Floods of hope > floods of despair #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas #1Word5voices

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days of ignorance when I didn’t know about all the problems of the world.  My biggest problem was if I missed my Saturday morning cartoons.  You feel me? I don’t know … Continue reading

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Dear God (a humble suggestion) #time #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

“Dear God, “I have a humble suggestion.  I know that in all of your infinite wisdom, You probably have already thought of this and decided against it for whatever reason.  I’m here to toss an idea back into the ring, … Continue reading

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BEloved – Lent day 36

Beloved. Such a weird word. I’m neck deep into this Lenten photo/blog-a-day challenge and the end is in sight.  Today’s word: beloved. It’s such a weird word!  How many times do you ever use it in daily life?  How many … Continue reading

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Mmmm… Night Shyamalamadingdong – Lent day 21 (night)

Night.  Every time I hear the word “night” I think of M. Night Shyamalamadingdong.  You know, the director?  I guess the correct spelling of his name is M Night Shyamalan. Whatever. Shyamalan’s movies are known for their “gotcha” plot twists.  In … Continue reading

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Reverse protesting

One of the things I utilize this site for is working out ideas and thoughts I don’t always get to communicate in my role as a student pastor.  There is one concept I’ve had rolling around my skull over the … Continue reading

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Whaddya want, a medal? #dedication

Why isn’t dedication a character trait that’s blasé anymore? Instead it’s celebrated.  Really, I’m torn as to whether that’s a very good thing or something that should be so normalized that we don’t blink at it.  Shouldn’t it be something … Continue reading

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I’ll bring the Chipotle covered Chipotle!

A few weeks back, a friend of mine riffed a blog post based off of an article I wrote for our church’s newsletter.  We’ve been having this conversation on and off about what the Church should look like over the … Continue reading

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