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Do you have good peoples? – #1Word5voices

One line I like to quote from time to time is from The Muppets Take Manhattan when Kermit is expressing how hard it is to survive in New York City.  His boss/friend, Pete (played by Louis Zorich), gives some sage … Continue reading

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Gathering Cats – #1Word5voices #AshWednesday #Lent #40days

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials is for computers or a technology company, I think. It’s the one where you see a bunch of cowboys riding horses in The Great West and they’re herding. While you’re busy waiting for … Continue reading

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Near the fire, with friends — #1word5voices #40days

Reading a children’s story to kids is an art.  In college for one of my scholarship requirements, I had this kick-butt job at a preschool.  I got to play with kids, act silly, and draw pictures with them.  One semester, … Continue reading

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Na-nu Na-nu — some thoughts to add to thousands of others about #RobinWilliams

Everyone’s devastated.*  No one can wrap their heads around this.  When positive, hilarious people like Robin Williams–literally a comedic actor–take their lives, it sends us all spinning.  As well it should. I grew up watching Mork and Mindy, like so … Continue reading

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Pull my finger spirituality — #rethinkchurch #spirituality

Mountains.  A babbling brook.  The sunset.  (I’m not able to put sunrise on the list because I’m never up that early.)  A humble person serving someone else. These are all ways that people see God’s presence or God at work … Continue reading

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Do criers need to hydrate more often? #warmth #1Word5voices

Last week, my small group went deep.  As in, “lots of tears” deep.  Several people needed to hydrate afterwards. We were chugging along in our discussion when someone brought up a struggle they’ve been going through the past month.  All … Continue reading

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A final word about Lent 2013

Back in February, I don’t know if you heard it, but I gulped super loudly when a few friends decided to challenge ourselves with posting everyday during Lent.  I knew that it would stretch me and my schedule if I … Continue reading

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Home Alone – Lent day 38

I’m not for sure if the people who put together the list of words to photograph/write about have a sense of humor or not, but here is how the past two days’ topics are listed: home alone How could you … Continue reading

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My garage door at home can be evil, so we open it – Lent day 37 (home)

Garage door up. Car in. Garage door down. Home! Don’t you love that feeling of coming home?  There’s a bunch of different feelings of coming home everyone experiences: back after a long trip arriving after a long day at work … Continue reading

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new – Lent day 33

My daughter, as of late, has taken to only wanting to watch new episodes of her favorite shows, or new movies.  She gets disappointed if we don’t have anything taped or rented that fits this criteria.  My reaction to this is … Continue reading

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