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People & History & Statues & Statues of History – #Charlottesville #racism

Today my oldest daughter started third grade.  I’m so proud of who this girl is becoming.  I have such high hopes for how she can make a difference in this world, and how this year in school will get her … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon – #1Word5voices #HolySaturday #Lent #Easter

My wife gave my dad a nickname pretty early into our marriage. Whenever I would be on the phone with Mom and Dad, it was usually Mom who spoke unless I directly asked Dad a question. He would talk but … Continue reading

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Chaco-crazed, grimy love – Maundy Thursday thoughts – #40days #Lent #1Word5voices #MaundyThursday

Do you know anyone who is obsessed with their Chacos?  Twenty years ago, Tevas were the thing.  I wore my pair until they disintegrated.  I was a camp counselor at Camp Lakewood in Potosi, MO.  My Tevas were on my … Continue reading

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The pinky promise of Jesus — #1word5voices #rethinkchurch #40days

I recently taught my six year old about what a pinky promise is. I’m sure you’ve made a pinky promise or two in your life. They’re pretty scary when you get down to it. Stronger than blood oaths, pinky promises … Continue reading

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I Am alone. — #1word5voices #40days #rethinkchurch

How often would you say that you freak out?  And by, “freak out,” I don’t mean you just have a mini moment of being shocked.  Brain farts aren’t what I’m talking about. How often would you say that you FREAK! … Continue reading

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Pull my finger spirituality — #rethinkchurch #spirituality

Mountains.  A babbling brook.  The sunset.  (I’m not able to put sunrise on the list because I’m never up that early.)  A humble person serving someone else. These are all ways that people see God’s presence or God at work … Continue reading

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Changing like a 5 o’clock shadow – Lent day 22 (shadow)

I grew up on grunge in the 90s.  More accurately, when I awoke to listening to good music, I grew up on grunge.  Previously, my tastes were grounded in pop and gansta rap. Yeah.  I apologize to myself every day … Continue reading

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God is not a white man

God is not a white man / But God is good / And He loves everyone! These are some of the lyrics to one of my favorite Gungor songs.  Gungor is a worship band that has deep lyrics and great … Continue reading

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