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People & History & Statues & Statues of History – #Charlottesville #racism

Today my oldest daughter started third grade.  I’m so proud of who this girl is becoming.  I have such high hopes for how she can make a difference in this world, and how this year in school will get her … Continue reading

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Look, an advertisement! — #1word5voices #rethinkchurch #40days #look

Look around you right now.  What do you see?  Think about your day so far today.  Was there anything out of the ordinary that popped out to you? We live in a world bombarded with commercials and advertisements designed to … Continue reading

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You’re so vain, you probably think this Psalm is about you – @charisma_news #ISIL

Things are getting scary around here. Have you noticed? Ferguson.  ISIL (the terrorist group formerly known as ISIS).  Iran (again).  Russia (again). Phil Robertson. The Duck Dynasty dude is a fellow Christ follower, but I can’t help but be pretty … Continue reading

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Happy Dreaming Day! – MLK Day 2014

Happy Dreaming Day! What do you dream about for this world?  Equality among the sexes?  Human trafficking to end?  Quicker reboots of The Partridge Family? Some dreams are bigger and more important than others.  Figure out what’s worth dreaming and … Continue reading

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Being in love with an idea ≠ living out that idea — #justice #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

In the past week, has there been anything that riled you up into a froth?  Has there been anything that you feel is just WRONG?  I’m not talking about the guy who cut you off in traffic or the nasty … Continue reading

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Tears of a Clown – #1Word5voices #TSwift

“Lamentations or Taylor Swift?”  This is a student ministry game I came across while looking to spice things up in our community meetings on Sunday nights.  (If something like this gets you super stoked, you might be a youth pastor.)  … Continue reading

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Killer quote from @garlichbreath about the Boston bombing suspect

The Boston bombing suspect has been captured.  There were SO many resources spent finding him and bringing him in.  So.  Many.  Resources.  And, can you remember the last time U.S. Americans were perfectly ok with the government conducting house to … Continue reading

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I’m not Catholic, but…. – Lent day 42 (light)

So, I’m not Catholic, but…. I’m becoming a pretty major fan of this Pope Francis guy. Look, I’m far from Catholic.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ, but I don’t dig many of their beliefs (maybe I undig some of … Continue reading

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The good ol’ days – Lent day 39 (restore)

The good ol’ days.  Remember the good ol’ days?  Whatever you’re thinking about, someone else probably has a completely different idea of what they think “the good ol’ days” are. For my generation, in regards to music, ’90s grunge was … Continue reading

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I have a dream. Do you? – Lent day 35

I remember learning about our nation’s history with slavery when I was in third grade. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wrap my head around this idea that such an injustice happened.  I remember wanting my teacher to unsay it.  … Continue reading

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