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My kid loves Rainbow Dash…but what should she hate? #1Word5voices

My four year old is full of love.  It overflows from her heart, eyes, and mouth like a seventh grade volcano experiment gone nuclear.  Everything is her favorite.  Granted, the world is ending at the drop of a hat or … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS! This just in: Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, Israel, offers forgiveness to anyone who decides to follow him. Yes, that’s right.  In an oft-cited Scriptural passage from The Bible, Jesus, age 33∞, is quoted as saying, “love will … Continue reading

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Love is controversial (a 2nd installment) or “Do you love the long talker?” – Lent day 9

Today I decided to write a second installment of a post I titled, “Love is controversial.” Love is this beautiful concept that transcends religions, cultures, governments, and genres of music.  Love is something that everyone understands to some small level.  … Continue reading

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Dr. Evil – Lent day 8

I think Mike Myers needs to do another Austin Powers movie, but from Dr. Evil’s point of view.  That way, Dr. Evil gets to be the star and Austin Powers appears minimally. Blockbuster gold. Can I get an amen?!? Evil … Continue reading

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The bride who died

Last Friday while I was working on a project, my ADD-addled eyes wandered over to the news ticker that periodically updates on the side of my computer screen.  The following headline caught my attention and my heart immediately sank. “Bride … Continue reading

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Love is controversial.

Love is controversial.  I’m talking about true, real love—the stuff God created and freely doles out to the pitiful wretches He created way back when. I keep political thoughts out of my posts.  Some things I’ve written about have had … Continue reading

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Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd & love)

Wish You Were Here So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, Blue skies from pain? Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? … Continue reading

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Like a boss.

I’m officially obsessed with the phrase.  All I want to do is tell people about all of the inane, small things that I have mastered so that I can refer to mastering said inane, small things and declare that, “like … Continue reading

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Love Wins – chapter 8

“Whatever you’ve been told about the end…Jesus passionately urges us to live like the end is here, now, today.” Rob Bell ends his book with a call to remember the love of God instead of any hellish doctrine that smacks … Continue reading

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Love Wins – chapter 7

Luke 15:11-32. Ever read it?  If not—AND if so—stop what you’re doing, ‘cause God’s about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to. Sorry.  Had a Digital Underground moment there.   So, now that you’ve read Luke … Continue reading

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