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Red Letter Revolution – book review (Short version: BUY IT, READ IT!)

I hated book reports in school.  The idea of telling the class about a book we all had to read always sounded dumb to me. Now book reviews, on the other hand, I can get behind.  Tell me why a … Continue reading

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My wife and I make fun of the news.  Pretty often, in fact.  Rachael’s go-to subjects of teasing are the pointless things that make the broadcast or the completely inarticulate people they choose to interview.  (She can go on a … Continue reading

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The Boston Marathon, Jesus, bombs, and ice cream

Three killed.  One hundred and seventy-six injured.  Nine of the injured are children.  All because they were together to challenge themselves or celebrate others in their time of triumph.  All because a person or group of people have some sick … Continue reading

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Killer quote from @ShaneClaiborne

Last year at Christmas, @ShaneClaiborne posted a blog called “A Season for Mischief and Conspiracy: A New Take on Christmas Charity” that is well worth reading.  He tweeted this to peak your interest: “It was the Christ-child who said, ‘When you … Continue reading

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Reverse protesting

One of the things I utilize this site for is working out ideas and thoughts I don’t always get to communicate in my role as a student pastor.  There is one concept I’ve had rolling around my skull over the … Continue reading

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