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People & History & Statues & Statues of History – #Charlottesville #racism

Today my oldest daughter started third grade.  I’m so proud of who this girl is becoming.  I have such high hopes for how she can make a difference in this world, and how this year in school will get her … Continue reading

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If you’re angry & you know it, shake your fist (a post to read regardless of who you voted for)

The results are in. Maybe you’re happy.  Maybe you’re angry.  I doubt you’re indifferent. No matter which boat you find yourself in, if you follow Jesus Christ, there are some things we need to remember and continue to practice.  For … Continue reading

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I’m Not Your Pastor…Yet.

Originally posted on Big Rubber Band Ball:
I love being a pastor. I love the sense of God’s call on my life and the way I have been invited to respond to the call. Now as I prepare to join in…

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You Give Love a Bad Name OR Fred Phelps, the prophetic imagination, & #loveconquershate

Rachael: “Fred Phelps died today.” My mom: “Who?” R: “You know, that guy who was against gay rights.” Mom: “I have no idea who you’re talking about.” R: “He’s the Westboro Baptist Church guy.” Mom: “Oh yeah, now I know … Continue reading

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Maybe this Christmas… #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas #Advent #hope

“I hope I get everything on my list!” “I hope Cousin Vinny can make it this year.” “I hope that Mom makes Mexican wedding cakes* again!!!” Christmas is filled with hope.  We hope for important things and for small things.   We … Continue reading

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Change is gonna come…

“Change is gonna come”  Sam Cooke wrote that line.  I wish he wasn’t right, at least about everything.  But it all changes at one point or another.  So annoying. I’m not a stodgy person at all.  I’m a big fan … Continue reading

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Lyrics – Grab

I wrote some lyrics a looong time ago and thought I’d post them.  Some stirrings from my thoughts, prayers, heart.  Maybe they’ll find their way into a Megan Hobbs tune someday or some other artist with an ear for song. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! That’s it!  If you aren’t spending time with your family, stop reading this crap AND DO IT! Happy Jesus’ cake day to you!

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Muppet Mayhem

I cannot wait to see The Muppets. They are bastions of comedic and musical influence that rattles throughout my brain, still to this day.  I remember watching the Muppets with my mom and dad.  I have fond memories of laughing hysterically … Continue reading

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Hack Attack

The other night, my Twitter account got hacked. When a couple of friends alerted me to the posts, my stomach dropped.  Would this lead to any finances getting swiped or offensive comments that might alienate me from my community? Nope.  … Continue reading

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