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Be who you are, where you are, open to God using you to influence people. #IamaMissionary #vocation

Fine.  I’ll say it. I have a theological crush on Dan White Jr.  I’m not ashamed.  The bro gets me thinking about how I live out my faith as a Jesus follower. Check out this truth that he just puts … Continue reading

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DO NOT PUSH THE BIG, RED BUTTON – #basicneeds #temptation @umrethinkchurch

You wanna push it, don’t you? Admit it. C’mon, it’s safe to do so. You know you’re tempted. DON’T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!!!!!! I want to set up this as a gag in a mall somewhere and watch people react to … Continue reading

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You’ll rue the day! #rue #the #day

“You’ll rue the day!” Does anyone ever say that, other than in the movies?  For whatever reason, this phrase popped into my head today.  Then I started laughing…there’s not anyone I had this in mind to say to.  It just … Continue reading

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Ready? Set! WAIT! #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

Seeing the bright smiles of our kids is something that parents love to see at Christmas. Right? How could you not melt at seeing that big smile? Kids are ready for Santa at the drop of a hat. But there … Continue reading

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Dear God (a humble suggestion) #time #rethinkchurch #rethinkChristmas

“Dear God, “I have a humble suggestion.  I know that in all of your infinite wisdom, You probably have already thought of this and decided against it for whatever reason.  I’m here to toss an idea back into the ring, … Continue reading

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The joy of loss

I am in tears, sitting in a restaurant right now. I just finished reading an email about someone passing away last night who has had a life-altering influence on me. His name was Raymond Kimbell and I loved this man. … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure – #create #1Word5voices

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure® books? I loved those books! I never chose the right option, though, which makes my love for those books even more ridiculous. I never once remember making it out of the jungle alive. The … Continue reading

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Friend Request

Someone was talking about the meaning of friendship the other day.  They were asking questions like, “What qualities of a friend were important to you as a child, young adult, and now?”  One of my top answers for all of … Continue reading

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Killer quote from Timothy Keller

I love me a good quote, don’t you?  A simple one can get a person thinking for days on end, even shaping worldviews.  NYC pastor Timothy Keller tweeted this thought today.  It’s worthy of my killer quote selection, so read … Continue reading

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Back to roots – Lent day 46

It’s Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Today is also known as Black Saturday or the Great Sabbath because Jesus is still at rest.  On Holy Saturday the tomb is silent, still undisturbed.  Death is not … Continue reading

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